Join us for an interdisciplinary workshop in the beautiful city of Lisbon to discuss key questions on embodiment, consciousness and its alterations!

It brings together world-leading scholars, junior researchers, artists, clinicians and more importantly people with lived experiences of Depersonalisation to address key questions around this widely spread yet under-acknowledged condition.


The joint workshop will take place on 8th of April 2024 at the Centre for Philosophy of Science, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal (see Practical Information tab for more info). The Event will be hybrid: you can join here via zoom.

Joint efforts from philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, arts and computational neuroscience will address the following (non-exhaustive) questions:

  1. What can we learn from people with lived experiences to better understand mental health, subjective experiences and its alterations ?

  2. What is the relationship between the body, bodily movements and the self in people that feel detached from their bodies and from others?

  3. What is the relationship between embodiment, consciousness and neural correlates of consciousness ?

  4. Can we tailor body- and movement-based potential interventions to alleviate self disorders ?

  5. What does it mean to feel like a “machine”/”robot”, and how can research from social robotics help us better address this question?

  6. Can we build artificial consciousness as we build already artificial bodies and artificial intelligence ?


This event is generously supported by the Project “Walking with my Heart: Examining the Effect of Dynamic Real-Time Sensory Feedback of Bodily Movements and Heartbeats on the Sense of Self and Sense of Presence in Depersonalisation” awarded by the Mind & Life Europe F. Varela Research Awards to Dr Anna Ciaunica ( PI) under the reference “Grant # 2021EVA-Ciaunica, Anna”.


Consultants: Ana Tajadura Jimenez, Lara Maister.

Research Assistant: Simon Knogler


This event is a joint endeavor co-organised by i) the Co-Embodied Self Lab (CELab) at the Centre for Philosophy of Sciences, University of Lisbon (CFCUL) Portugal; ii) the Unreal Charity, London, the UK.



Duarte Araujo
Bruno Berberian
Anna Ciaunica
Axel Cleermans
Alberto Colombo
Simon Knogler
Konstantina Kilteni
Joe Perkins 
Frank Rohricht



Image by Eva Anjos
Embodied, 2024
© Eva Anjos